When data protection in europe, then data business services.

For over 27 years Data Business Services has been providing comprehensive services in the area of data protection. Our clients value our single-source solutions. In-depth knowledge of IT is combined with end-to-end legal expertise. Focusing on the areas of data privacy and protection, IT security and information security, we support clients throughout Europe and act as a “bridge” to Europe for U.S. enterprises. We value proximity to our customers, that’s why we are present in Munich, Hannover, London, Dublin, Palo Alto, Raleigh and Seoul.
What exactly characterizes the clients of Data Business Services? Primarily they are B2B corporations, operating on a European or international level – renowned enterprises as well as successful industrial corporations and medium-sized businesses, plus medical facilities and hospitals. In short: Businesses with a distinct necessity for security, for whom data protection is a top priority matter.

Our technically and legally trained consultants
offer expertise in the following fields: