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Robert Niedermeier

Strategy and Development
Managing Director

Robert Jeffares Organization

Robert Jeffares

Operations Manager – Organization
Data Protection Officer

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Palo Alto // Los Angeles
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Nördliche Münchner Str. 47, 82031 Grünwald
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Asia // South Korea

Gangnam-gu, 511
Trade Tower (06164)
27/F // Seoul

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Nördliche Münchner Str. 47
D-82031 Grünwald
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Schierholzstr. 27
D-30655 Hannover
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Ömer Aydinbas

Ömer Faruk Aydinbas


Germany | Europe | USA | Asia

Ömer Aydinbasis aiming for his LL.B (Bachelor of Laws) as a student of information law at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt.
The central topics of his studies are IT and media law, intellectual property law and data protection law.
In the course of his studies, he acquired the certification according to Art. 37 (5) DSGVO, which proves the required expertise as a data protection officer.

Ömer has been supporting the Data Business Services team in his work as an intern since April.

Organization - Data Business Services - Europe | USA | Germany

Luisa Domenichini

Data Protection Legal Consultant

Europe | USA

Luisa Domenichini graduated with an LL.M. (Master of Laws) from UC Berkeley and has passed her First State Examination in Law in Germany. She gathered practical experience in data protection in various law firms during her Law studies, and in different start-ups in Silicon Valley.

Luisa Domenichini is Data Protection Legal Consultant at Data Business Services.

Data Protection Officer Organization

Rebecca Jeffares

Partner Manager / Data Protection Officer

Germany-North  | Europe | USA

Rebecca Jeffares has been supporting Data Business Services since December 2016 in preparing and editing proposed legislation and client documentation content and in organizing the international development of Data Business Services.

Rebecca Jeffares works as External Data Protection Officer for Data Business Services and is responsible for developing our partner business.


Robert Jeffares

Operations Manager // Data Protection Officer

Germany-South | Germany-North | Europe | USA

Robert Jeffares looks back on 27 years of experience in IT infrastructure and applications operations. On a domestic, as well as a European level, he has held various positions: as a senior manager in line functions, as a project manager with a focus on specific fields, and strategic head-office functions. He has worked in diverse cultures of various branches of industry and sizes of enterprise, from members of large groups through to medium-sized companies and small firms/startups.

Robert Jeffares is responsible for business operations, organization and is External Data Protection Officer at Data Business Services.

Mario Egbe Mpame Organization

Mario Egbe Mpame

Data Privacy Consultant
LLM Intellectual Property Law, CIPPE/E


Mario Egbe Mpame holds an LLM in Intellectual Property and Competition Law (with specialization in Information Security Law) from the Max Planck Institute of Innovation and Competition, in collaboration with the George Washington University, the University of Augsburg and the Technical University of Munich.

As an experienced diplomat and a Certified Information Privacy Professional for Europe.

Robert Niedermeier

Lawyer (CIPP/E, CIPT CIPM), Managing Director

USA | Europe | Germany-South

RA Robert Niedermeier has been working as a lawyer, consultant and external data protection officer since 1990. His main focus is on questions concerning the legal, technical and organizational aspects of data protection and IT security. In his capacity as member of the board of the European Expert Group for IT Security (EICAR), he is in ongoing dialog with the IT security industry regarding current legal issues on the interface to information technology.

Robert Niedermeier is the founder and Managing Director of Data Business Services.

Organization - Data Business Services - Europe | USA | Germany

Valini Panta

Data Protection Consultant
LL. (U.C. Berkeley)


Valini Panta graduated with a LL.M (Master of Law) and specialization in Law & Technology from UC Berkeley, School of Law. She has been practicing as an Intellectual Property Litigator since 2009. During her studies at Berkeley she gathered practical knowledge on data privacy and cyber security laws. Her focus is on legal issues concerning legal and technical aspects of data protection and IT Security. She is located in New York and representing Data Business Services on the East Coast.

Severine Petersen, Data Protection Consultant Organization

Severine Petersen

Data Protection Consultant (DSB CERT)
Data Protection Officer