Our services

The list of data protection and data security issues and requirements is long and complex – depending on the size of an enterprise, and its European or international orientation.

As a “one-stop shop”, Data Business Services specializes in all questions and requirements that arise or may arise in connection with data protection and data security in Europe. In addition to handling day-to-day tasks for our clients, we are also geared toward sustainability for instance in case of law changes and/or new conditions, such as those arising from restructuring the company.

In addition to classic consulting services, Data Business Services also offers its clients practical support in operational implementation, such as compiling procedure registers, managing agreements for commissioned data processing for service providers, compliance with legal reporting requirements, registrations and notifications to supervisory authorities, employee trainings and, of course, providing a data protection officer for enterprises.

In order to offer our U.S. clients a better and, above all, personal service for their European branches, a further Data Business Services office was opened in Palo Alto, USA, in 2015.

You’re looking for a competent partner in the areas of data privacy and protection, IT and information security services?

Our service portfolio includes:

  • Europe-wide data privacy, data protection and data security services
  • Swiss representative in accordance with FADP (Swiss privacy law)
  • Development & implementation of Europe-wide data protection guidelines (deletion, retention, BYOD, etc.)
  • External data protection officers for Germany and Europe
  • “Data Protection as a Service” (full-service provider for internal data protection departments)
  • Europe-wide registration and notification services for all European data protection authorities
  • Data protection consulting service for developing and launching apps
  • Data protection auditing
  • Support for cross-company data protection departments/company-wide data protection services
  • Confirmation of data protection reliability
  • EC representative in accordance with EU GDPR
  • Data protection agreements
  • Data protection manuals
  • Company-wide data protection officers
  • Company representative for data protection authority
  • Development and implementation of Binding Corporate Rules for Processors
  • Development and implementation of Binding Corporate Rules for Controllers
  • Top-down compilation and administration of EU model clauses
  • Global data protection
  • Data protection training
  • DPIAs (data protection impact assessments) & PIAs (privacy impact assessments)
  • Response team for data privacy and protection incidents