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Data protection

specializations data protection

A stringent data protection strategy is one of the key characteristics of a modern enterprise. Data Business Services supports you in implementing all legal requirements concerning data protection and data security.


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Data security

specializations Data security

Taking an overall perspective of “data protection”, its requirements and regulations as a point of view, data security – and all IT security issues related to it – is an essential base for its accomplishment.


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Data protection officers (dpo)

specialization Data protection officers (dpo)

Not only the EU-GDPR and local data protection regulations such as the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) require the appointment of a data protection officer for most companies. It is also important in the company’s own interest as well as its reputation regarding customers and business partners. Thus, it is crucial to fill this highly responsible position optimally.


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specialization Industries

In addition to professional qualifications and expertise, understanding the client’s business and the environment within which their business operates (knowledge of the industry) plays a key role in offering the best possible support.


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specialization trainings

In addition to the possible necessity of appointing a data protection officer, a further essential element is to sensitize every employee in an enterprise aware to the importance of proper data processing.


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specialization EU-GDPR

With the increasing internationalization of businesses, national borders and cross-border data traffic are becoming more and more blurred. We are specialized in comprehensive data protection consulting across the entire European legal jurisdiction – especially concerning the EU-GDPR.


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EC-Representative | EC REP | EU REP

specializations EC-Representatives

Data Business Services provides you with all the services of an EC-Representative EC REP | EU REP for data protection. With Data Business Services as your EC-Representative you can be sure that your company is on the right track regarding GDPR compliance. And with an EC-Representative in Europe, you are well prepared for all European privacy inquiries that may arise.


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Swiss Representative | Swiss REP

Swiss Representative Swiss REP

Data Business Services provides you with all the services of a Swiss Representative for data protection. With Data Business Services located in Zurich, Switzerland as your Swiss Representative you can be sure that your company is set for complete nFADP compliance. And with a Swiss Representative in Switzerland, you are prepared for all Swiss privacy inquiries that may arise.


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specializations Registrations-Notifications

Living up to our promise as a one-stop shop, Data Business Services offers advice and operational support for all matters related to data protection and data security when communicating with law agencies.


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Switzerland – NFADP | revFADP

Switzerland – revFADP

The new Federal Act on Data Protection (revFADP) replaces the previous Data Protection Act of 1992 and modernizes Swiss data protection law. It comes into force on September 1st, 2023, and is partly based on the GDPR to enable a European data exchange.


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