In addition to professional qualifications and expertise, understanding the client’s business and the environment within which their business operates (knowledge of the industry) plays a very important role in offering targeted support.

Qualification and expertise are good, in-depth knowledge of a specific industry and a proven track record are even better. Data Business Services proudly serves leading companies in various industries: global enterprises, industrial corporations and medium sized businesses as well as medical institutions and pharmaceutical firms. What unifies these entirely different companies is their distinct need for security.

A need that is absolutely justified: In the information and communication technology market (ICT) for example, a company’s accumulated data stock is considered its prime asset. The number one keyword for energy providers is network security. There, the topics data protection and security keep those in charge highly charged. The abundance of documentation regulations within the medicinal field call for a very careful treatment of all data processing operations.

Whether engineering or data base programming – data protection and security are of paramount importance. Once a company loses control over internal personal data (e.g. in its human resources department) or even worse over external personal data provided by clients, it faces a massive loss of reputation and trust. If such personal data becomes available to third parties, the data protection violation is subject to report. Incidents of this nature can usually only be resolved through an excessive expense of money and resources. Even if successful, a heavy fine may be imposed.

However, you don’t have to worry:
Data Business Services is fully aware of all relevant data protection regulations for your specific industry … and how to comply with them.

Data Business Services supports clients in the following industry sectors:

  • information and communication technology (ICT)
  • energy providers
  • medicine
  • engineering
  • media
  • mobility and logistics
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotech

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