Trainings for employee privacy

In addition to the possible necessity of appointing a data protection officer, a further essential element is to make every employee in an enterprise aware of how to handle personal data.

Say goodbye to the notion that data protection and data security are merely executive matters. Quite the contrary, this topic concerns every single employee. Continuous trainings regarding security-relevant aspects is not only very important but – depending on the company – even mandatory.

One critical success factor of such trainings is to present these often “dry” matters in a practice-oriented and lively fashion. Your employees should not see the training as yet another compulsory safety exercise. If you manage to get your employees emotionally involved in this matter, not only will they be knowledgeable but also conscious of handling data more sensitively. Ideal conditions for getting your employees fired up about the topics data protection and security.

Knowing, what dealing with data is all about.

Depending on your individual needs and requirements, Data Business Services offers companywide trainings, personal coachings or support for your company’s internal units and data protection officers. This makes sure that the content and setting of these trainings best reflect and tackle your daily business challenges. In addition to classic trainings on site, we also offer our coaching services as video-streams – or a mix of both.

How do you prefer to make the topic of data protection and security more accessible to your employees?
We can highly recommend our external data protection officers. With their experience and expertise, they are ideal sources of knowledge.

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