EC-Representative | EC REP | EU REP | EU-Representative GDPR for europe

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR) requires companies without a physical presence in the EU to appoint an EC-Representative.

The criteria are:

  • Do you offer goods or services to persons located within the European Union?
  • Do you monitor the behavior of persons in the European Union?


In both cases, you are required to appoint a representative with a registered office in Europe, according to Art. 27 EU-GDPR. Data Business Services resumes this obligation on your behalf for a fixed price, while ensuring through administrative measures (office with English-speaking staff) that all inquiries reach us.

Data Business Services provides you with all the services of an EC-Representative for data protection. With Data Business Services as your EC-Representative, you can be sure that your company is fully complying with all GDPR regulations. And with an EC-Representative in Europe, you are prepared for all European privacy inquiries that may arise.

According to Article 27 of the EU-GDPR it is mandatory to appoint a representative (EC-Representative or EC REP) for all companies, which are conducting business in the EU without having any physical presence there.

Benefit from our offer:

  • Established network in the U.S. and Europe
  • Long-term experience in the data protection field
  • Continuous training for our staff
  • Over 27 years of industry expertise
  • Europe-wide all-in-one agency for companies
  • In-depth knowledge and practical experience in numerous industries
  • Specialized in consulting companies in the United States

Our convincing offer:


EC Representative EC REP | EU REP | EU Representative for Europe only

500per Month, plus 16% VAT
  • EU-Representative (fully qualified data privacy lawyer) according to Art 27 EU-GDPR
  • EU-Representative with office in Munich, Germany
  • EU-Representative with several years of experience with European data protection regulations
  • EU-Representative fluent in English
  • Office / telephone assistance with English-speaking staff (available workdays from 9 am to 5 pm)
  • Communication with authorities after previous consultation with client

Appoint us as your EU-Representative | EU REP / EC REP in Europe today.

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